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Giant garden spade CREDIT - Joseph Bentley Garden Tools 2005

CREDIT:  Joseph Bentley Garden Tools (UK), since 1895. This photo of a giant stainless steel garden spade was taken in 2005, for the company's 110th anniversary.  


We design. You dig.™     


When you want to build a custom home, you commission an architect to draw the blueprints of your new house.


When you want to decorate your new home, you may hire an interior designer or an interior decorator to help you with colours, textures, furniture placement, artwork, and accessories. 


And, when the time comes to sell your home, you may hire a staging service, to show your home to best advantage to potential buyers, so you get maximum price. 


At, we apply similar principles to design your garden, however big or small and whatever direction it faces. Any property can and should look fantastic. At, we help you do just that. 



Creating a garden design first helps homeowners avoid:


  • Going to the garden centre and making impuse buys.

  • Falling in love with a tree, shrub or plant that is ill-suited to your specific garden. 

  • Wasting money by buying too many trees, shrubs and plants. 

  • Wasting time by over-planting your garden and three years later, having to take out 50 per cent of your plants because everything has become overgrown. 

  • Spending a lot of money on plants, but your garden looks no better than before because there is no focal point, no variety of plants, or too much variety.

  • Preventing frustration of buying the wrong varieties of trees, shrubs and plants for your specific soil and light conditions, and having plants die regularly.


Having a carefully thought out garden design, prepared by a professional garden designer has huge value for homeowners


Once you have a garden design and the accompanying planting plan, you now have a roadmap. You now know the precise location for each plant, shrub and tree in your garden. You can plant your new garden design yourself. You can take as many years to do it as necessary, or your budget allows. 


We design. You dig.™



Not a Gardener? Or, Want Your Garden Planted Right Away?


You can hire a crew from our qualified Landscape Partners*


It’s up to you.


*All negotiations and agreements are handled directly between the homeowner and the Landscape Partner. 

Garden design and landscaping consulting in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto.

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