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Free clematis cocktail from over-ripe bananas

Stuck with over-ripe bananas on your kitchen counter? Rather than throwing them into your green cart for municipal (or backyard) composting, here’s a little trick that you can do to feed your clematis the organic way. Clematis will be flowering in June and this “banana cocktail” feeds them, for free. It’s like getting something for nothing. So, shoo away all those fruit flies, peel an over-ripe banana, put it in a large bowl or Pyrex measuring cup with a handle (these can hold 2 litres/quarts), fill with cool (not cold) water from the tap, and use your immersion blender to whirl the whole thing. Use one banana cocktail per clematis vine. Clematis love potassium; each banana has 358 mg of organic potassium. You can do this once or twice a month, even in the off season.

#Flowers #OrganicGardening #Fertilizing

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