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Give mom live plants this Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, what gift will you give her this year? We recommend a tree, a shrub, or a perennial for her garden.

First, many moms in suburbia enjoy gardening—so make them happy.

Second, moms always love the things that their children give them. So, every time she’ll look at that tree, shrub, or perennial, she will think of you. Pictured here is a Butterfly Bush--they really do attract hungry butterflies.

Third, the vast majority of trees, shrubs and perennials are grown in Canada, not shipped in from overseas like so many of our products.

Live plant material provides jobs for Canadians right here in Canada, from growers, to shippers, to your local garden centre. Equally important, those jobs are not getting outsourced any time soon. Your mom doesn’t need another scarf, fancy tea cup, or an apron. She’s already got all that. Give her live plants, instead.

FEEL GOOD BONUS: Live plants help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reducing greenhouse gases.

Your mom doesn’t have a garden? No problem. Give her a potted plant or an outrageously large bouquet of flowers. She deserves it.

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