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To the dump, dump, dump—to get your free compost

The dates for the Spring 2015 free compost giveaway in Halton Region (including Oakville, Burlington, and Milton, Ontario), are Monday, May 4 to 9, 2015, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., at the Halton Region Waste Management Site (a.k.a. the Dump), located at 5400 Halton Regional Road 25 (Bronte Road). A map is here.

Halton residents are permitted to take 7 bags of compost and considering that one bag of compost costs about $6, you can save yourself $42. Bring your own bags or reusable containers, and a shovel. Halton residents do their own shovelling and bagging.

When you get the compost home, let it sit outside for about a week. Compost, made up in part from brown yard waste bags from prior growing seasons, is typically still hot (or warm) when you bag it. Beware: putting down hot compost on your garden beds will burn your plants! It is best to let compost cool off completely.

Compost is a great way to remediate the clay soil of new Oakville (north of Upper Middle Road). You can mix about 40% compost to about 60% soil; digging it in is easier 24 hours after a good rain. Compost helps to hold moisture in clay soil as well as providing nutrients for plants.

Although there is no cost to receive compost, the Halton Region Waste Management Site collects non-perishible food items or cash donations, to local food banks.

#Compost #SoilRemediation

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