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Garden Makeover

Tree damage caused by vandalism in Oakville

Garden design and landscaping consulting in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto.

A scruffy garden in Oakville can be fixed with a new garden design

Garden Rejuvenation

Because a garden is made up of living plants, shrubs and trees, it is not static. A garden changes with the seasons;  that’s normal. But every five, 10 or 20 years, a garden makeover is a very good idea. Here’s why:


  • Trees grow big, and a once sunny garden becomes a shade garden. You now have an overgrown shade garden.

  • Mature trees have blocked all light to the grass below, and you now have no lawn left.

  • The neighbour’s tree may be planted too close to the property line, and is sucking up all available nutrients from a large part of your garden.

  • A tree may have been planted too close to the house, or pool. Some trees, like maples, have very aggressive root systems and can damage concrete foundations and cause you insurance headaches.  Sometimes, if a tree has been planted in the wrong place, it has to go.

  • Plants or trees have been attacked by disease (fungus, mold, rust and so on) or attacked by insect pests. You now have dead trees on your property. Thousands of ash trees have died and been cut in Greater Toronto, due to the Emerald Ash Borer. This leaves an ugly stump on your property. And it substantially changes the amount of light in your garden.

  • Certain plants and shrubs are not thriving, but barely existing. You’re frustrated, having spent a lot of money on plants that have died.

  • Your garden has been damaged by ice, road salt, wind, and the accelerated freeze-and-thaw cycle of climate change which is particularly hard on trees and shrubs. 

  • Sadly, your garden has been vandalized.


If you've inherited a derelict garden from the previous homeowner, or you just want to improve on the trees, shrubs and plants already growing there, great garden design can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200 per cent at selling timeRecent surveys have confirmed that professional landscaping and garden design provide the highest rate of return on any home improvement investment including bathroom and kitchen renovations. 


Make your garden look fantastic again. 


Contact us today for a garden makeover. 

Winter damage on a boxwood hedge in Oakville
Winter burn on a clipped Alberta spruce in Oakville

Winter damage on boxwood, above, and dwarf Alberta spruce, below.

A 15-year old oak tree, vandalized by teenagers in Oakville. 

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