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Front Garden Design


At, we give you a garden design for your front yard so that your property will have greater curb appeal. And equally important, you will also have something interesting to look at from your windows. Think about these ideas:

A whipcord cedar is a stunner in garden design
A Japanese maple is a good choice for a small tree in a garden design

Foundation plantings During winter, deciduous shrubs all but disappear, making foundation plantings sad and bare. Low and spreading evergreens and upright evergreens are a better choice than deciduous shrubs. Dwarf species are great choices for foundation plantings because they are slow growers. 


Focal point – A small tree, or a shrub that can be pruned to look like a small tree, or a slender upright evergreen are good choices for a front lawn. See our Plants Section, for ideas for small trees. 

The branches of a Hollywood juniper add structure and interest to a garden design
Japanese forest grass adds grace and a pop of acid green to a garden design
Hosta 'Paul's Glory' is stunning and tolerates some sun.

Think beyond the bloom – Annuals aside, flowers are nice, but any plant will flower for 10 days to a month. And then there is just foliage, stems and bark. That’s why at, we like plants that do “double-duty” and have striking, colourful foliage.  See our Plants Section for ideas.


Perennials – These are plants that come up every year, such as hostas, astilbes, ferns, heucheras, peonies, and ornamental grasses. You pay for them once and as your perennials mature over time, you can sub-divide them and spread them around your garden—a gardener’s bonus. See our Plants Section, for ideas for Perennials that Really Perform.

Fountain grass 'Fireworks' provides movement in a garden design.
Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade' is a hard worker in a garden design. You'll find that they leaves hold up in fall and winter.
Think in broad colour patches – Rather than get one plant of each species you like, think about which two or four species you really love and do a mass planting. Mass plantings have much more impact than any single plant or flower. And they look better in borders and foundation plantings, too.


Eliminate your front lawn – Replace your front lawn with groundcover, decorative mulch, or pea gravel. This saves grass fertilizer, lots of water (grass is very thirsty), and grass-cutting time. You can even use herbs such as thyme as a groundcover, making your garden smell divine. 

Garden design and landscaping consulting in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto.

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