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You’ve bought a house. Congratulations! Are you the first homeowner? Did you buy an older home? How does the front yard look? Is the backyard that oasis you've been yearning for? Or, do you need garden design help?

Garden design in Oakville
Give your house curb appeal with good garden design

You’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars—maybe even a million dollars, or more—into your new house. Yet most people spend no money on the landscaping or garden design, which adds to your enjoyment and enhances your investment. 


Every real estate agent will tell you that the right professional landscaping and garden design will add substantially to the value of your home, which is critical when it’s time to sell.


Recent surveys have confirmed that professional landscaping and garden design provide the highest rate of return on any home improvement investment including bathroom and kitchen renovations. Curb appeal is what attracts new property buyers. And every new potential buyer wants a mature backyard garden.  


Garden design you will enjoy for years

At, we help homeowners with landscaping, landscape design and garden design. We prepare a professional landscape design or garden design that you can then have fun doing yourself. We design. You dig.™ We also have landscape partners who can install your garden, if you’d rather not do it yourself. 


Professional garden design for homeowners.

Our Vision

To give every front garden curb appeal.


To turn every backyard into your personal oasis.


To improve the resale value of your property. 


To make garden design services affordable for all homeowners.



John Karl Schilder


On-Site Garden Design Consultation


After site analysis and research, we unleash our creativity and marshall the design process to give you a garden that will improve the look of your property and increase your enjoyment of your home as well. 

A focal point is critical in every garden.

Garden design and landscaping consulting in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto.

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