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A Persian Garden Design in Oakville, Ontario




Client Wanted:

A Persian garden in Oakville. Key features of a Persian garden are: formal design, flowers, lots of fragrance, and a water feature. And Persian garden must always contain the queen of flowers: roses.

The client wanted specific plants including: Madonna lilies, giant aliums, and purple coneflower.

The client also wanted space to plant vegetables, specifically tomatoes, hot peppers, and herbs, but without looking like a kitchen garden.

The Garden Design:

First, because the space was tight, we took the approach of an "entry to the Islamic Garden," implying that there was more garden beyond the far end of the property line. 


Second, we used strong verticals (the upright yews in the square planter boxes) to give structure and formality to the space. Along the borders at both the left and right beds, we put globe cedars. The yews, the globe cedars, and the pergola at the back of the garden will all provide winter interest.


Third, we created "the big idea" of lining the two symetrical planter beds with lavender, which will give the garden a fantastic smell in July-August. 


Fourth, we added an arbour behind the mirror pool. We planted a climbing rose on the arbour, together with several clematis vines, that will flower at different times. In the nook of the arbour, we planted Japanese painted ferns that will keep the roots of the clematis vines shaded. The arbour is, in fact, the focal point of the garden and also acts as the "gateway" to the suggested space beyond. The arbour will be refected in the shallow, mirror pool in front of it. 


Fifth, we put two purple sand cherry standards at the back of the garden, that can be kept as small trees with regular pruning. These have burgundy leaves throughout the growing season and add significant colour to the garden design. 


Sixth, the client expressed interest in building a large pergola over the entire patio, to provide shade in this full-sun property. 

Garden design and landscaping consulting in Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Toronto.

Design Challenges:

  • This was a garden makeover, as the client was taking out all existing trees and shrubs.

  • The hardscaping around the garden was already in place (polished stone slabs), as was the patio made from grey interlock pavers. 

  • The client wanted a mirror pool in the middle of the garden. 

  • The garden faces south, so it has full afternoon sun from 12 noon to 7pm. 

  • The soil in Oakville is clay, and will need lots of compost and sand added to it.

  • The planting plan had to incorporate plants that thrive (or tolerate) heat and drought, from time to time. 

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